Our Cuisine

Under the supervision of Vaad ha Koshrus of Metrowest, Rabbi Yakov Teichman, who works closely with our executive chef and kitchen team, ensures all food and operations are compliant with Glatt Kosher dietary laws.

Creativity is the mother of invention, and the custom design of our kosher menus begin with an understanding of your expectations for your event. The style of service and overall experience you want your guests to have pave the road for selections both on, and off, our extensive menu.

Where We Cater

We cater to the all throughout the tri-state area or wherever great food is needed! Home base has long been the famous Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey, granting easy access to any venue within 150 miles of Manhattan. Beginning in Fall 2023, Alpine Kosher is excited to be expanding its operations to South Florida and will accommodate events from Palm Beach to South Beach.

We are easily mobile, extremely flexible, and able to accommodate any space; from building a mobile kitchen in your backyard out of thin air for a private event, to doing full scale 1,000+ guest events in existing kitchens. No matter the location, our level of quality, nor our dedication to providing you with outstanding service, will diminish.

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